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Software Fixes

This section is here to help you with any issues you encounter while using Proxo.


Error (could not load file or assembly 'ApiModule') after submitting key

Simply disable any anti-virus software on your device, or, if you don't have anti-virus software, disable Windows Defender real-time protection. Then, simply restart the application from the bootstrapper, re-apply your key, and the application will work as expected.


Proxo will not open upon attempting to run the application

Disable any anti-virus software you have on your device, then, re-download the software from this website. Open Proxo, and the software will now open and run as expected.


Proxo's Status is stuck on 'Initializing Functions...' or 'Injecting...'

Solution One:

Disable any anti-virus software you have on your device, including Windows Defender real-time protection. Then, re-launch the application, and attempt to inject again.

Solution Two:

Install the latest version of Visual C++ Redistributable from the Microsoft Website. This can be found here. Once this is installed, re-boot your device, re-launch Proxo, and attempt injecting again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to questions we frequently get asked.


Why does my anti-virus say Proxo is a virus?

This is known as a false positive. When a program does things like hide it's source code, trigger downloads, or affect your computer, it sometimes triggers your anti-virus as potentially unwanted software or malware. It does NOT mean Proxo is malicious in any way.


Why do you have a key system?

Our key system is used to generate revenue for our developers to support them, so they can continue to improve Proxo on a regular basis; and continue to provide it for completely free of charge.


Why does Proxo get patched every week?

Scheduly weekly updates are released every Wednesday, which stops our exploit from working. Assuming there are no delays, we usually update immediately or in a short amount of time.


Why does this script not work on Proxo?

Not all scripts will work on Proxo, as it is, after all, a free exploit. We do our best to provide the best script support, but, not all scripts will work. This is absolutely no different for any other free exploit.

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